Pablo Sketch

No, I haven’t become an artist overnight. It’s my new Pencil Illustration app. My NC sister introduced me to it, and I’ve been having a blast fooling around with it ever since.

We’re recovering here from severe sleep deprivation. Remember the days when a sick child kept you up nights? Well, with daughter grown, I thought those days long gone. Apparently not. Pablo somehow or other injured his paw when we were in NC. I suspect he sprained it when we stopped for a long walk on the way home. He stumbled, perhaps in a hole, but I didn’t pay attention because he seemed fine. That night, though, he was restless. The next day, he kept trying to get at his back paw, but being a chubby pug, couldn’t reach it. We checked his paw and it wasn’t swollen or cut in any way. That night–the horror, the horror. He couldn’t settle down and seemed more uncomfortable than in actual pain. He tossed and turned all night, and consequently so did we. K and I averaged 3 hours sleep each, tops. The next day he was better, and today, he’s his old self. Whew!



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2 responses to “Pablo Sketch

  1. Love the app! Poor Pablo. Glad he’s back to his old self.

    Drools and licks,
    Minnie and Mack

  2. KittyplusCoco

    The ol’ pug shuffle huh? Yes, we are familiar with that. Coco thinks it is her duty to keep us up at least a couple of hours a night with her rooting in the covers or digging. But the poor guy did hurt his paw so he is off the hook. Glad he is feeling better.

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