Three out of Four

A new voice has appeared on the blogosphere’s horizon. My sister now posts about the upper reaches of NYC at Uptown Girl. She’s lived north of Harlem for more than twenty years and knows the area like the back of her hand. It’s also where she works as a realtor, finding the best nests for intrepid renters.

I’m one of four sisters, and now three of us are bloggers. (Our mother also blogs at Born Before the Boom.)  The youngest sister, a blogger with a capital B, started posting in 2006. For years, I made fun of blogs and blogging in general and never read hers. (Sorry, Brigindo!) Then, I caught the blogging bug and discovered I loved it, so much so that I started a second blog focusing on children’s books. Now there is one non-blogging sister left. L has many interest and talents, among them martial arts (which she teaches) and cooking (her livelihood). She also has two children. So she has plenty to blog about. Maybe she’ll catch the blogging bug.


Two of my brothers-in-law blog: One at Ichiban Weapon Ready and the other at Paddling Otaku.

My daughter blogs about design in fits and starts at Cool, Couture and Everything In Between.

My husband blogs occasionally at Pining’ for the Fjords.

Who are the bloggers in your family?



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6 responses to “Three out of Four

  1. I’ve only been blogging since the very end of 2007, so you didn’t miss as much as you think.

  2. Though we are in the process of creating our own blog ring, and we are really covering bases in terms of diversity of topics.


  3. Joan

    Daughter #3:

    The pressure in on. Can you bear it?

  4. LauraBGood

    Blog this.

  5. K

    I suppose that I should blog more often…

  6. LauraBGood

    She sure is good at guilt. Now if only Pablo would respond to it…..

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