Carlino = Pug in Italian

We’re off! K and I are leaving today for a delayed honeymoon to Florence, Italy. For the first half of the week K will be in business meetings, but then we get a few days to ourselves. While K has his nose to the grindstone, I’ll be off seeing the sights, sipping expresso, and dining at trattorias.

Yesterday we dropped Pablo off at the house of one of K’s co-workers. She has four pugs of her own plus a rescue pug, so I know Pablo will be in excellent hands. In fact, I’m a little bit worried he might prefer to stay there when we pick him up next week. Five pug friends, a cat-free house, and an enormous backyard, that’s some stiff competition!

Coming home to a pug-free house last night was hard. I miss the little fellow already (though not the begging at the table). See you soon, Paolo! Ciao!

Like the Italian carlino flag? Pick up the tee shirt at Cafe Press.



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2 responses to “Ciao!

  1. Have a wonderful time. Can’t wait to see pictures!

  2. Have fun K&C! B will take good care of Pablo and we’ll take good care of the office, K!

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