Trashed Puppy Back on Its Feet

Cold cockles? Warm your heart by reading this tale of a deformed puppy rescued from the trash. Harper, a pit bull, was born with “swimmer puppy syndrome,” a condition that didn’t allow her to hold up her head or walk. After being rescued, vets agreed the only option was to euthanize the poor thing. A volunteer at the animal shelter decided to take the puppy home so that she could experience at least one night of affection in her short, unhappy life. The volunteer massaged the puppy’s limbs to alleviate her discomfort. The amazing result? Harper lifted her head and tried to walk. Encouraged, the woman brought Harper to a different vet, who, after tests were run, determined that Harper stood a chance. With therapy the dog learned to walk on different surfaces and is now almost ready to be adopted! Read the full story here.

Thanks to Joan for bringing the story to my attention.


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One response to “Trashed Puppy Back on Its Feet

  1. Joan

    You’re welcome. She looks like a real sweetie, doesn’t she?

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