Odds and Ends

Saw this biker dude outside a funky shop in downtown Philly. Where’s his helmet?

Loved this regal statue. Look closely and tell me what (besides the mane) clues you in that this lion is male. Wowsaz!

We had a break-and-enter the other day. Apparently the kibble in the cat food dish was low so one (or both) of the cats decided to take matters into their own paws. We haven’t zeroed in on the culprit yet, but rest assured Officer Pablo is on the case.

And finally, the winner of the 2011 Hambone Award, a national contest that seeks out the pet with the most unusual medical insurance claim, goes to Harley the pug who downed more than 100 rocks and lived to tell the tale. Congrats, Harley, and here’s hoping your rock pooping days are all in the past.


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