Jumping Through Hoops

Pablo certainly earned his treat today. In my other capacity–as a book reviewer of kid’s books over at The Cath in the Hat–I reviewed a wonderful interactive book for kids, The Book with a Hole. To illustrate its appeal, I corralled Pablo into demonstrating one of its spreads that asks the question: “What’s going to jump out?” Pablo did a fine job of jumping through a pretend hoop of fire, don’t you think?



Filed under The artistic pug

3 responses to “Jumping Through Hoops

  1. Drax

    Too cute. You have killed me. ARE YOU SATISFIED, YOU EVIL PUG WOMAN?

  2. That is so BRAVE of Pablo! I like his bravery and his panache.
    Love Noodles

  3. Joan

    No singed fur, I hope.

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