Matching His-and-Her Pugs

K and I received so many thoughtful wedding gifts that we will be writing thank-you cards into the new year. The one that especially tugged at our heartstrings has to do with–you guessed it–pugs, or more specifically, Pablo. First some background info. A while back a dear friend wrote that she was having trouble finding a wedding gift for the two of us. Her daughter (one of my bridesmaids) suggested a number of ideas, but they related to only one of us. The suggestions had to do with motorcycles (K), coffee (me), and pugs (me). I jokingly wrote back to say that the perfect gift would be coffee mugs imprinted with a pug riding a motorcycle.

The day after our wedding, K and I opened our presents and–Voila!– we unwrapped the mugs you see pictured above. I later discovered the amount of work entailed and I am even more humbled. My friend’s husband (an artist) tracked down the exact motorcycle model preferred by K via his website, added a photo of Pablo that he had photoshopped, and included an original logo he had designed for K’s bike shop. Then he had the digital image transferred to the mugs through a commercial photography site.

K and I will be drinking from these mugs for years to come (me coffee and K juice), and each time we do we’ll be thinking of our wonderful, thoughtful friends.


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  1. Joan

    Now that’s a good friend.

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