Otis the Skydiving Pug

Photo: Rex Features

With arthritis in his back legs, we no longer let Pablo jump off the bed, lifting him gently down instead. He struggles the entire time, not liking the short flight to the floor. I can’t imagine, then, that he’d be a fan of skydiving, where the drop is a bit steeper, to say the least. That doesn’t seem to bother Otis, a ten-year-old pug living in Los Angeles with his owner Will DaSilva. With 64 jumps under his belt (in a specially-made harness strapped to Will’s chest), Otis is quite the skydiving pro. To see Otis in action, click here.



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4 responses to “Otis the Skydiving Pug

  1. Drax

    MmmMMmm: throwing pugs from planes…

  2. Kathleen

    I love how he bends down and kisses Otis’s head midflight!

  3. Oh my god, what a great pug! and he is certainly loved!

    Drools and licks,
    Minnie and Mack

  4. LauraBGood

    Add this to my list of things dogs will do and I won’t.

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