No More Flying Pugs!

from Flying Pug Canvas Tote on Etsy

This just in! Pugs and other flat-faced canines such as bulldogs, Boston terriers, and boxers will no longer be allowed to fly on carrier Cathay Pacific. Not to discriminate, short snouted felines (Himalayans and Persians, etc.) will also be banned.

Cathay Pacific follows Singapore Airlines, as well as several American carriers that no longer admit brachycephalic breeds in their cargo holds. Studies have shown that these animals face higher odds of dying in flight due to their their inability to cool down. I, for one, applaud the airlines for taking this step. Many travelers–who would never lock their pug in a car with the windows rolled up–think nothing of putting their beloved pets in the dreaded cargo hold.

Of course, sometimes air flight travel is unavoidable. Animal specialists are voicing concerns that people might abandon or even euthanize their pets if they are unable to transport them. While there is truth to this, the statistics behind the ban are sobering. For instance, English bulldogs accounted for almost half (25) of the deaths of known breeds (108). Yikes!

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