The Birds

Yesterday we grilled and ate dinner out on the back deck. Pablo, of course, kept us company begging for scraps of burger and chips. Miss Rita also wandered outside and took up her familiar perch on the railing. A murder of crows took notice of her feline presence and began circling overhead, cawing loudly. As longtime readers of this blog may remember, Miss Rita has a checkered past when it comes to our feathered friends. She caught several and killed one last year.

Apparently birds have long memories. The crows’ caws brought out a whole slew of birds, robins prominent among them. Yes, robins! Swooping down, the kamikaze birds aimed straight for Miss Rita. Each time one flew past her, she jumped and tried to swipe at it. It brought to mind the scene in King Kong when the mighty ape is on top of the Empire State building being attacked by fighter jets.

The battle raged throughout our meal, and I feared that either Rita would slip from her perch or that she would snare one of the birds. Luckily, neither happened. But Miss Rita had better beware. Now on the birds’ Most Wanted list, she’s the Osama Bin Laden of cats.


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