Dogs and Wine, A Winning Combination

Two of my favorite things–dogs and wine–were united recently in a unique contest. For the third year in a row, Dog Art Today and Mutt Lynch Winery held a dog art wine label contest. The theme was “Naughty,” captured perfectly in the winning entry above. “Out of Reach” by Nancy Schutt will be made into a limited-editon wine label for a tail-wagging Cabernet blend.

I just found out about the contest so I wasn’t able to vote. Next year I’ll be on the watch for it. Take a peek here at all the contest entries. For pug lovers, I’ve pulled out the ones featuring our short-snouted friends.

"Naughty" by Jennifer Davis

"The Rascal Is Out!" by Joyce Danko

by Amy Palermo

"Bah" by Susan Sabo



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3 responses to “Dogs and Wine, A Winning Combination

  1. Joan

    I like “Bah.”

  2. LauraBGood

    Me too.

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