Daily Archives: May 11, 2011

Toddlers and Pugs

copyright: Danilo Rizzuti

Toddlers are cute, no disputing that. They’re also a handful. But even so, I’ve always loved the age. Toddlers have so much energy and enthusiasm for life. Every daisy they see has to be picked, every box upturned, every new corner investigated. If truth be told, they’re often a bit dopey, but charmingly so. Lacking a wide vocabulary, they struggle to be understood. Their wants are simple. A warm lap to cuddle on, a crayon to draw with, an ice-cream cone to lick.

Today, while walking Pablo and watching the folds of his ears bounce as he rushed forward to greet the day, I thought how similar pugs are to toddlers. Pugs are such happy-go-lucky dogs, friendly, loving, and yes, a little dopey. So it’s no wonder I’m drawn to them. Pugs–they’re the toddlers of dogdom.



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