Persistence Thy Name Is Pug

When Pablo first received this IQ toy from his grandma he found it a bit of a challenge. It’s really meant for a much bigger dog, one that can remove the yellow lids with its mouth. Pablo tried and tried, but his jaws only open so wide. Ever resourceful, he hammered at the lids with his paws. At first it took him anywhere from three to five minutes to remove a single lid and retrieve a tasty bit of duck jerky tucked underneath. Practice makes perfect, though, and he’s whittled his time down to three and a half minutes to remove all four! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. When food is involved, this pug is a genius!



Filed under Canine intelligence

2 responses to “Persistence Thy Name Is Pug

  1. Drax

    If you had been my mother, I would have turned out SO differently.

  2. Joan

    Gammy says, “You go, Pablo! I knew you had it in you.”
    (Grandmothers never lose faith in the kids.)
    Re Drax’s comment: Does he mean he would have been using his paws to uncover tasty treats?

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