Huffing and Puffing

Our Pudgy Pug

With the temperature steadily creeping ever higher, Pablo has been struggling on his walks, dragging his puggy paws and stopping every few feet to pant up a storm. Even indoors he continues to pant. All winter we’ve been going on long hikes through the neighborhood, some as long as an hour, so it can’t be his stamina.

With summer around the corner, this does not bode well for the upcoming months. Hot and muggy weather is an enemy to all pugs, but I don’t remember last year his breathing being quite so bad, especially not this early in the year. The difference is that over the winter Pablo has put on an extra pound or two or three. (Haven’t we all.) So now he has that extra weight to lug around.

Of course, the less he moves the more weight he’ll gain, so I want to nip this in the bud. Therefore, a diet is in order. K and I have vowed to stop feeding him treats throughout the day. I now eat my breakfast and lunch up in my office where I won’t be bothered by his begging or tempted to feed him to stop his whining. At dinnertime, I dole out his dry food kibble by kibble as K and I eat. Before, he was getting fed scraps at the table plus his usual meal. I hope this approach works and the scale starts to go down. Otherwise, liposuction might well be the next step.



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7 responses to “Huffing and Puffing

  1. Less food will definitely lead to wt loss. Take it from me. I put on a couple lbs last winter and my Mom started feeding us just under the recommended amount of kibble. This meant we could still get some treats throughout the day. Especially since I won’t do much of anything without the promise of treats. Charlie Bears are tasty treats. At 3 calories each, I can have a few without noticing it at the scale. Also, we get some green beans thrown in from time to time. (you may want to try this as you lessen Pablos intake, so he doesn’t get stressed).
    Brigitte used to be a bigtime begger when she first came to us. Mom and Dad would not look at us throughout the meal. If we were quiet, we would get a small piece of meat or veggie when they were through. Believe it or not, it didn’t take long to learn. Good luck trimmimg down Pablo. I feel much better at a lesser weight. Mom says she wishes she had someone doling her food out from where she couldn’t get it. Then she might have a trim figure like me!

  2. Drax

    Liposuction. Pablo getting liposuction. Hmmmm.

  3. Buford pug in NC

    My mom feeds me cold carrots as snacks. Yum! I also get apples and bananas. All vet approved. These treats help me to keep the pounds down.

  4. I never thought I see the day Pablo was put on a diet. Scary times, scary times.

  5. Thanks for all the helpful suggestions! Pablo loves green beans, and I’ve used them in the past as tasty low-cal treats. And apples are his go-to fruit of choice, with bananas a close second. He used to like carrots as well, but recently he’s been spitting them out. Not for why, maybe they’re too crunchy. He gobbles up the cooked ones. I definitely want to try the charlie Bears!

  6. My pug started acting like that and not until it was too late did we find out it was her heart starting to go. When was the last time he had a checkup? Couldn’t hurt to ask the vet to be safe!

  7. Pablo is due for his bi-yearly check-up. I definitely plan on mentioning this. However, since the weather cooled down, he’s stopped the panting and is back to long walks. Fingers crossed!

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