Stonehedge Hare

Pablo had a wonderful Easter, even though he didn’t receive a basket filled with goodies. His sister did, and seeing E and sharing in her fun was enough for this selfless critter. He also enjoyed handouts of hard-boiled eggs and baked ham at the table. Not to mention his own Frosty Paws during mealtime to keep him occupied.

But Easter wasn’t all about the food. In the morning we went on a long walk and took in all the pretty flowers and trees now in bloom. We stopped to admire the rabbit-shaped hedge a few blocks from out house. Who knew Edward Scissorshands lived in the neighborhood!



Filed under Happy holidays, Neighborhood sightings

2 responses to “Stonehedge Hare

  1. Drax

    Thank GOODNESS Pablo had a nice Easter!

    Was worried about that.

  2. Joan

    Not to mention the visit from his Gammy who this time, sorry, Pablo, did not come bearing gifts.

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