Massage Your Dog’s Weary Bones

copyright New York Times

For the past few months both K and I have noticed that Pablo is a little stiff when he gets up from a snooze, not surprising since he just turned ten. After he’s up and about, he’s fine. And he still enjoys our hour-long walks in the morning. Still, his stiffness concerns me and I wish there was a way to ease his discomfort. Well, maybe there is.

Today’s New York Times had an article on massage for dogs and how it’s becoming all the rage, with dog owners even taking classes to learn the finer points on giving their pooches the ultimate rubdown. One woman interviewed specifically mentioned that she massages her collie to help ease his arthritis.

Of course, the experts are divided on the subject. But isn’t that always the case? Some say massage is no better than petting. Others are willing to allow that it can be beneficial and can help an animal “recover from illness, injuries, and stress.”

So do I try massage with Pablo or not? Judging by the blissful, contented look on the dog above, it might be worth a try. But since I can’t see laying out mega bucks on lessons, maybe a book is the way to go. And of course a number of such titles exist, Canine Massage: A Practical Guide being one of them. Or I might go the DVD route. I’ll keep you posted.



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3 responses to “Massage Your Dog’s Weary Bones

  1. Joan

    Is there a book called Grandma Massage: A Practical Guide?

  2. Probably! There’s a book for everything.

  3. Pupzilla has a touch of arthritis in her back knee. If only there was doggy yoga.

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