Pablo’s Thank You Letter to His Gammy

Dear Grandma,

Thank you for coming to my birthday party last Thursday. And thank you for my presents! I loved the Happy Birthday biscuit. I would have gobbled it up by now, but a Certain Someone insists on doling it out in little bits each day. Maybe you could have a talk with her…..?

The Dog Toy from Hell

The spiffy new puzzle you got me also gets me treats. Except it’s a little hard for me. It’s not that I’m a dope, Grandma! You see, my mouth just isn’t big enough to lift off the lids the way you’re supposed to. I try and try, because I know that a yummy treat’s inside.

And I’m resourceful, Grandma. I am! I knock it around and bang it with my paws until a lid pops open. Sometimes I make so much noise I can hardly hear the big folks screaming at me to stop it already. So Grandma, once again,your plan worked! You present is driving those guys nuts and it’s getting me more treats than before. I love you, Grandma!

Your very smart grandpug,



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One response to “Pablo’s Thank You Letter to His Gammy

  1. Joan

    You’re welcome, Pablo, and thank you for your thank-you letter. It’s so rare and refreshing when a grandchild or grandpet sends thanks.

    Love, Gammy

    P.S. I’m glad our scheme to drive the big folks crazy is working.

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