The Birthday Bash

As promised, here are photos from Pablo’s 10th birthday party. The little guy had a swell time with all the attention. (What pug doesn’t?) He pigged out to his heart’s content and loved all his presents. And like many a birthday boy, he overindulged and had a hard time settling down once bedtime arrived.

To toast his birthday meal I bought Pablo a bottle of Bowser Beer (non-alcoholic, folks!) and poured him a cupful. He sniffed it, lapped up a snoutful, and turned his back to it, preferring to beg for table scraps, as per usual. Sorry, Bowser Beer, your product doesn’t cut it with Pablo. And am I glad I didn’t buy the six pack at a cost of $24!!!!

Here are some more photos from our celebration:

Look what a pug has to go through to get a piece of birthday biscuit!

Singing Happy Birthday to Pablo

Birthday stash!

At last!



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3 responses to “The Birthday Bash

  1. Joan

    Pablo, as usual, got into the spirit of the occasion, and didn’t make any silly remarks about being too old for all this fuss.


  2. Drax


  3. Hey Pablo!

    That is one Special looking cookie! I hope it tasted as good as it looks 🙂

    Sorry about the hat thing. What’s with humans and making us wear those stupid hats?!?

    Hugs + Fetches!

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