Stop, Thief!

Is your pug a thief? Odds are he/she is. At least that’s the scoop according to a study done by Bakers Complete, a British dog food company. As reported in the Mail Online, dogs (in the British Isles, at least) steal 33 million pounds worth of their owners possessions each year. The number one item taken? Underwear. And the breed most likely to steal? That’s right, pugs. That must be why they wear those black masks 24/7.

As far as I know, my underwear is safe from Pablo. But that’s probably because the drawer is too high for him to reach. Shoes, sneakers, slippers, however, are fair game. When he was a puppy, he was forever snatching them from closets and under beds. My daughter’s fuzzy slippers were so prized that he would stage hold-ups, attempting to rip them off her feet in broad daylight. As he got older, he put his criminal ways behind him. Then, just the other day, I left the closet door open and he made off with one of my sneakers. Now I know he’s not really to blame. It’s in his blood.



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2 responses to “Stop, Thief!

  1. Joan

    And I’m sure it’s done out of love–to have the warm and pungent smell of those he cherishes next to him.


  2. K

    And I suppose you could say that he’s stolen all of our hearts.

    Everyone! all together! “Aaaaah…”

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