Happy Endings

I don’t know about you, but when I read about cruelty inflicted on dogs, my faith in the human race falters. Unfortunately, there is way too much of that kind of news, so I was heartened to read about a dog rescued in Japan, three weeks after the tsunami hit. Stranded out at sea, the dog survived by walking across the floating rubble, scrounging for scraps. Spotted by helicopter, a rescue team took the time to help the pooch. Think about it. With all the devastation around them, the team went out of their way to save one canine life. Amazing.

Another heartening story from Japan illustrates the loyalty of dogs. A spaniel led a TV crew to his injured companion, and remained by the dog’s side for another hour. Finally the pair were separated so that the injured dog could receive care from a nearby vet. The hero dog was taken to a shelter.


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  1. Drax

    Yup. But when good-hearted dogs inherit the ruined smoking Earth, who will them they are a good girl/boy?

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