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I never imagined I’d be writing about Charlie Sheen, especially here at Confessions of a Pugophile. But when pugs are involved, I must speak out.

First, let me say, before he started mistreating pugs, I wasn’t unsympathetic to Mr. Sheen. As the star of the number one TV sitcom, someone used to being beloved and by a multitude of fans and indulged by his entourage, it must be hard going to find yourself under attack, distained by your co-workers and a laughingstock to the media and the public at large. Yes, he brought it upon himself. But remember the last time you goofed up big time? It still hurt, didn’t it, even if you were the one at fault.

Besides, Sheen was mostly hurting himself (and, yes, the women who had the misfortune to marry and/or date him). I’m familiar with the mentality. “Hey, I come to work each day and make everybody a ton of money. I can do what I want.” So when he’s fired from his show, he’s stunned–and goes on the attack. When this brings him a ton of publicity, he continues. Because even negative publicity is better than none, right?

Which all leads up to today’s news. It seems that after Sheen split with wife #2, Denise Richards, she allowed him to keep her two pugs. Supposedly, she wanted her kids to feel comfortable when they visited their dad. Except as Sheen dive-bombed, he stopped taking care of the animals in his care. By the time Richards retrieved the pugs, it was too late for one of them, who died shortly after of malnutrition. Died. As in dead. No longer living.

Now Sheen is launching an attack, via Twitter, to get the other pug back. Even though the dog doesn’t belong to him. Even though his lack of care killed the other one. He’s resorted to calling his ex a bunch of expletives because she won’t budge. I don’t recall him putting up such a fuss when his kids were removed from his care.

Charlie Sheen, give it up. Your career is over. It is only a matter of time before you self destruct. Leave the pug alone.

Read more about the fiasco here.


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