Gag Me with a Kinkade

Yesterday’s Sheldon comic was brillant and resonated with me for two reasons. On a long ago Christmas, Pablo got into E’s Christmas stocking and devoured all her chocolate candy of which there was a bunch. And it was the expensive kind too, which means there’s more pure chocolate in it. As I didn’t have a Thomas Kinkade painting handy, I had to rush out to a 24-hour pharmacy to buy activated charcoal, leaving my guests waiting for the Christmas dinner drying out in the oven. (I always keep a bottle of activated charcoal in the house post-incident. I advise anyone who owns a dog to do the same. Check out this link on how and when to administer it.)

Reason two? In my previous job, one of my responsibilities was to work with the company that licenses Thomas Kinkade’s work. They were very nice people, but I did spend an inordinate amount of time browsing through his images to select appropriate ones for the books my company published. The experience was like eating very sweet candy. A little is okay, then you want to, well, barf.

I apologize to all the Thomas Kinkade fans out there! For those of you unfamiliar with his work, here’s a sample.

Check out more of Dave Kellett’s Sheldon comic strips (today’s again features Oso the pug) here.


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