A Visit from the Toenail Fairy

What is the strange shape on the left, you wonder? So did I this morning when I almost stepped on it on my way back to my office, first mug of coffee in hand. Without the help of caffeine, I stared at it bleary-eyed. Then the penny dropped. It was Pablo’s nail from his back paw. When he fell down the basement stairs last week, his toenail must have caught on something on the way down, causing his subsequent limp. We’ve promised him we’ll place it under his pillow tonight, and maybe by morning the Toenail Fairy will have left him a treat in its stead.

Here is a close-up of his nail-less toe.



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6 responses to “A Visit from the Toenail Fairy

  1. Aunt Laura

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. What does the Toenail Fairy bring little pugs who have lost their nails?

  3. Drax


  4. Joan

    Poor little guy. He suffers and suffers, yet how much sympathy does he get?

    I read today that pugs are descended from mastiffs. Probably why he’s such a stoic.

  5. Karen

    Oh bless – that must have been sore!!

  6. No, no, no you put it under a stuffed animal and the toe nail fairy stabs the stuffed animal and puts a dollar inside and eats the toe nail

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