Rooting for Malachy the Peke


Malachy the Peke, copyright Reuters

The first day of the Westminster Dog Show has ended, and the results are in. First group up–the Hounds. The winner was a sight hound, a Scottish Deerhound. Next were the Toys, always a large group. It took forever, but at last the pug, Oscar, made his showing. He was definitely a good-looking pug, but to these eyes he seemed not as “on” as some of the other dogs. Still, he placed a respectable third. The winner was Malachy, a great-looking Peke with plenty of charm to spare under all that fluff.

After the toy group exited, so did Pablo, jumping off the armchair we were sharing. He plopped down in his dog bed and remained there until it was time to go upstairs. Clearly, he had not been impressed by any of the dogs he had seen so far.

On to the next group. The Non-sporting group is such a grab bag of dogs of all shapes and sizes. They are basically the leftovers after the working group and herders splintered off to form their own groups. The wrinkly Shar-pei took first. Last were the herders. My very first dog, Duke, was a German Shepherd and so I’ve always had a special fondness for this group. The German Shepherd didn’t even make the first cut, though, and the win went to a Bearded Collie. By that time, it was eleven, and Pablo and I went yawning up to bed.

Tonight, it’s the Sporting dogs, the Working dogs, and the ever-numerous Terriers. Then Best in Show! Me, I’m rooting for the Peke!

Here’s another trailer from Christopher Guest’s brilliant Best in Show, featuring Harlan Pepper expounding on nuts. This one never fails to crack me up (pardon the pun!).


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