Tonight’s the Night

The pugs are coming!!!

No, not for romance. Forget Valentine’s Day; it’s the opening of the Westminster Dog Show. For many, many years I used to go and wander around the back area where the dogs were being groomed or relaxing after being shown. I’d also watch the breeds being shown, pugs of course, and certain other ones as well. Sometimes I’d hang around for the group judgings at night. Usually, though, I’d head for home and watch them on TV, Pablo at my side, just like we plan to do tonight.

Another tradition is to watch Best in Show, Christopher Guest’s superb mockumentary. I have many favorite scenes–Harlan Pepper going on about nuts, the lost busy bee, and–priceless–the hostage negotiator who yells at his son to come down off the roof–but to get everyone in the mood, here’s a scene with Fred Willard as the clueless announcer Buck Laughlin.


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