Allergic to Pennsylvania

Pablo went to the vet yesterday. As always, he had a fine time, dashing around and making new friends. We brought him because his face has been a mess. His eyes are always red and gunky and he paws them constantly, to the extend that his face folds and wrinkles were bleeding. Ugh! The vet examined him and gave us the same diagnosis as last time. Allergies! In the winter? Yes. She examined his history and concluded that since his problems started acting up about a year ago, when we first moved to Pennsylvania, that Pablo is most likely allergic to something in his new environment. She ruled out food allergies as they are very rare in dogs.

She recommended putting him on steroids as a first course of action. Once the inflammation has died down, we’ll reevaluate. After just one dose, I’m happy to report his eyes are less red and he’s not pawing at them at all.

Rita tagged along on our visit. She has her own medical issue, namely a recurrence of last spring’s nasty infection in her left ear. Unlike Pablo, Rita does not view a visit to the vet as a special treat. In the examination room, we let her out of her crate. She searched and searched for a place to hide. The best she could do was squeeze herself into the space between the tiny fridge and the wall. She faced the back wall, but was still 100 percent visible. Poor Rita!


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