Can We Talk Pug Talk?

My first issue of Pug Talk arrived in the mail on Saturday. It’s a bi-monthly magazine that’s been publishing all the news that fit to print about pugs for forty-six years. January/February’s issue covered a wide range of topics, from common household poisons to encephalitis testing to rules for keeping your pug in line (hah!). Some of the articles are written from the pug’s POV, which I personally find a little cloying. You have to be a really good writer to pull that off and not make it cutesy. That’s why I so enjoy The Daily Puglet blog. Puglet’s voice is 100 percent authentic and not the least bit precious.

The siren call of Pug Talk, however, is not the writing. It’s the photos–page after page of the most adorable pugs. I especially fell in love with a handsome young fellow named Spike , a pug who competes in agility  trials. Total beefcake! He reminded me of Pablo in his prime. So until the next issue in March, you’ll find me drooling over Spike, Stanley (the pug on the cover), and the rest of their pug cohorts.



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2 responses to “Can We Talk Pug Talk?

  1. I might have to pick up a copy of that!

  2. Kim B.

    I so agree about the cutesy wording. I read a lot of pug blogs, just found yours! I can’t abide when they use the baby talk/writing!

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