A Boy and His Pug

On Friday I posted the Doritos pug commercial. (Keep voting; you might win tickets to the Superbowl! Don’t care about football? Sell them.) That got me thinking about other ads that feature our snout-challenged friends. In India, Hutch (now Vodafone) has a whole series of commercials with a pug (named Cheeka) in the lead role. Apparently the commercials are a big hit there.

Here’s the very first one ever aired, and I have to admit both boy and pug are pretty cute, especially the last shot of them in bed, the pug on his back and his paws in the air. Awwww!



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3 responses to “A Boy and His Pug

  1. Drax

    Well, at least we didn’t see the pug take a piss.

  2. Great commercial. So much better than the Doritos! That is a good-looking pug. Reminds me of Pablo.

  3. Joan

    Yes, that last shot is great. That’s one pooped pug.

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