A Banana a Day

One of my New Year’s resolutions is to eat less processed foods, which means Pablo will be eating less of these foods as well. As previously confessed, Pablo is a terrible beggar. Well, actually, he’s a highly effective one as any one who has shared a meal with us–and him–can attest. So improving my diet will certainly improve his.

Since Pablo does eat people food (in addition, of course, to his twice daily Eukanuba/Beneful meals), I needed to learn which ones were especially good for dogs. On the magazine Bark‘s website I found an article in two parts, A and B, that lists twenty such foods. I was happy to see that Pablo was already enjoying some of the foods on the list, such as bananas (he shares one with me almost every morning), carrots, green beans, sweet potatoes, salmon, and yogurt.  Others were a surprise. Did you know that parsley, rosemary, flax seeds, and nori were good for dogs? I didn’t; but I do now, so Pablo can look forward to these yummy treats.

Pablo enjoying his bully stick (NOT on the list!)


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  1. Today I was making a pot of veggie chili. Abby got a red pepper top, the ends of some green beans, and some carrot stumps. She was in dog heaven….

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