Happy Cat Herding Day!

Who knew? December 15th is Cat Herding Day. Rita and OC generally don’t need to be herded (unless a trip to the vet is called for). Sometimes, though, Pablo gets it into his head to herd them, driving them from room to room until he gets bored. Question: is it considered herding if it’s two cats?

Don’t have a clowder of cats to herd? Have no fear. Watch this clip and join in the celebration of this special day.



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2 responses to “Happy Cat Herding Day!

  1. Thatnwas a great video. If we had cats, Sluggo would definitely be the herder. In fact,he tries to herd me all the time. If mom or dad is calling and I don’t feel like coming he chases me until he’s got me in a corner. You know what? I think we need some cats to keep him distracted.

  2. Joan

    I noticed there was nothing to say no animals were harmed in the making of this commercial. Looked pretty stressful to me. Cats don’t like to be herded!

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