Gift Guide for Pugophiles

Pugophiles are a curious bunch (it takes one to know one). Not content with just the company of their wrinkly-brow, short-snouted friends, they scour the far corners of the Earth for all things pug—pug tee shirts, coffee mugs, calendars, you name it. In short, anything that attempts to reproduce the pug’s image is fair game.  If you know such a pathetic creature and are in need of gift ideas, look no further. To purchase, click on the link in each product description.

It’s not summer yet, but it will be. A serene Buddha pug would give your favorite pugophile’s garden a Zen-like look.

Remember when this New Yorker cover was first published? You can bet your subscription a pugophile does. Why not surprise her (or him) with a framed copy from the New Yorker store?

Know a pug lover who’s into games? Then you can’t miss with Pug-opoly. Yes, you can get the same game with other featured breeds, but really why would you? Pugs rule!

Will the shopping season never end, you ask? When pugs fly, and one does on this delightful tee shirt in both women’s and men’s sizes.

What gift guide would be complete without a calendar? There are many pug calendars to choose from, but this 16-month one stood out for the featured pug’s regal bearing.

Finally, if your budget is tight and you can’t afford a present, a card is always appreciated. And if it features a reindeer-costumed pug so much the better.

Happy Holiday Shopping!



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6 responses to “Gift Guide for Pugophiles

  1. Drax

    The New Yorker: finally, a picture with a pug that I like.

  2. Joan

    Great gift ideas here. But where can one buy them?

  3. Click on the link in the description.

  4. Aunt Laura

    Love the Buddha Pug!

  5. Love your blog! Pugs are endlessly adorable. I make sock pugs and here is my link to a 5 minute sketch I just completed. Merry Pug-mas! Katarina

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