Fair warning: The two videos below are hard to watch, but worth it. I saw the first one on the website for Ardmore Animal Hospital, which is where we take Pablo. The staff at the hospital saved the life of a dog, badly injured and near death because he had been used as a bait dog. He’d been tied up so that dogs raised to fight could attack him. When the dogs were through, he was left to die. Amazingly he didn’t, although he required extensive surgery to repair his torn-apart face. Recuperating at the hospital, he met a family who fell in love with him and gave him a home.

Oogy (an affectionate ¬†derivative of “ugly”) went through so much suffering, yet what’s most remarkable about him is how loving he is.

Oogy on Oprah:

A book trailer for Oogy


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  1. Joan

    What a great story. Is that vet on the video Pablo’s? Wonder why they didn’t give Oogy cosmetic surgery to restore his ear. Mom doesn’t seem too crazy about him. Neither does Oprah.

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