Why Did the Pug Cross the Road?

Your guess is as good as mine. To see what’s on the other side? To sniff a neighbor’s lawn? To piddle on a peony?

On his walks Pablo always has definite ideas about what route to take. And if you try to direct him elsewhere, he goes into the classic pug knee-locked stance and won’t budge. Most of the time I have no objection to him acting as tour guide. After all, it’s his walk, not mine.

There is, however, one particular route I try to discourage and that’s when he makes a right turn to W Road, a busy street with a steady stream of traffic whizzing both ways and no traffic light. Yet  sometimes, for whatever reason, Pablo gets it in his skull that he must cross W Road. He does this by lunging headfirst into the blacktop, oblivious to traffic. By now I know enough to hold him back, but the first few times we had some close calls. When there is a lull in vehicles we dash across the road. Then Pablo sniff a hedge or two, piddles on some leaves, and you guessed it, wants to head back. Another mad dash, and it’s safely back home. Until next time.



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2 responses to “Why Did the Pug Cross the Road?

  1. Drax

    No pictures?!?!

  2. If I took a photo while crossing that road, I’d be blogging this from up, up above.

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