Picture Book Pals: Chick ‘n’ Pug

As a children’s book writer and editor, I’m always on the lookout for top-notch picture books. When the book features a pug, well, I’m hooked. Just reel me in. Chick ‘n’ Pug by writer/illustrator Jennifer Sattler is such a book. The story begins with Chick is in the henhouse reading his favorite book, The Adventures of Wonder Pug, for the 127th time. Desperate for his own adventure, Chick sets off and comes across a sleeping pug, whom he takes to be a real Wonder Pug. Like most pugs, this story’s pug is more interested in sleep than adventure. Chick tries to rouse him to action, but Pug soon topples back into dreamland. In the end, Chick proves to be the hero when he chases off a feline intruder.

The illustration in this book are wonderful. They capture pugs perfectly, right down to the way they scratch. The story I was less than thrilled with (and not just because a chick shows up a pug). Like many picture books these days, it had a lot of tongue in cheeks asides meant more for the adult reading the story than the listening child. And, as an editor, I caught a big boo boo. Contemplating life in a henhouse, Chick says, “I mean, laying eggs all day? Pecking in the dirt? What kind of life is that?” Except Chick would never be laying eggs since he’s a he not a she. Seems like the pug wasn’t the only one sleeping on the job.

Copyright Jennifer Sattler


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