Pug Meets Pig

K and I are headed south again. We plan to spend Thanksgiving with K’s brother and family and then toddle over to visit my sister and her family, a mere hour’s drive away. However, K’s brother has a young daughter who’s afraid of dogs and my sister’s pit bull is decidedly unfriendly to other canines (although she’s a sweetheart with people). Ergo,  Pablo cannot come along on our trip.

Usually when we travel, he stays with Grandma, but Grandma will be going away as well. The only alternative—boarding him in a kennel (a last resort) or finding a certified pet-sitter. I researched pet-sitters and found a woman who lives in the neighborhood and who’s available for Thanksgiving. So on Sunday K and I took Pablo over for a meet-and-greet. The woman has two (big) dogs of her own, plus she was pet-sitting a really huge and really loud Saint Bernard, as well as another dog. Oh, yeah, and then there was the pig.

A Vietnamese pot-bellied pig lives in her house along with the dogs. We met Mr. Piggy and he made some of the strangest noises I ever heard. He also rooted around my feet. The woman explained that he liked to eat shoelace tips, but luckily I was wearing slip-ons. Pablo paid no attention to the pig and vice versa. Prior to this, his only other meeting with pigs has been as pork and the occasional pig’s ear.

After petting a pig (bristly!), I was unable to buy pork for dinner. K, however, had no problem coming home and scarfing down a ham sandwich!



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3 responses to “Pug Meets Pig

  1. Joan

    Ham sandwich! Thank god one of you has some sensitivity.

  2. I would love to have a pot-bellied pig but not as much as I want a goat. We do call Pupzilla a “pig-dog” so it is sort of close.

    Can’t wait to see you guys!!!!!

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