Pug-o-Ween Bash

This past Sunday K and I dressed Pablo in his spider costume and took him to the Delaware Valley Pug Rescue’s Pug-o-Ween. Pablo had a great time running around and making new friends, both human and canine. Here are some photos from the shinding:

Pablo in his spider costume

Mohawk Pug

A French Maid

What do you call a gathering of pugs? A puddle of pugs?

A game of chase

Pablo makes a friend

Udderly devoted...

Miss Piggy

A pug in a Yorkie costume????

Star Wars Pair


Judge Judy getting ready

No idea what this one is, but cute nonetheless

Winning costume (female category)

Winning costume (male category)

Happy Pug-o-ween!



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One response to “Pug-o-Ween Bash

  1. Drax

    Ghastly. Terrifying. “That such nightmares exist to plague men’s slumber and steal women’s sanity!”

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