100th Post!!!!!

Wow! Hard to believe, but this is my 100th post here at Confessions of a Pugophile. A little more than six months ago—on April 13th, the day before Pablo’s ninth birthday—I created this blog as a homage to him and other of his brethren. It’s morphed into a blog about dogs, with the primary focus still being pugs (and most especially Pablo).

So how is Pablo doing? After a bout with allergies (seasonal, we think), he’s on the mend. His eyes and the folds in his wrinkles became infected from all the scratching he’s been doing. We took him to the vet for his check-up and also got some medication for his eyes and prescription-strength medicated pads to clean his folds. He’s doing much better. And so are K and I now that we can get a decent night’s sleep instead of staying up and listening to Pablo’s licking, slurping, and scratching all night.

For those who are anxiously waiting to hear what Pablo will be for Halloween (you know who you are), we have a costume. It’s Spider Pug! On Sunday Pablo tried out his costume at a nearby Halloween Festival to benefit rescue pugs. More about that event on the next post—number 101!



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3 responses to “100th Post!!!!!

  1. Congrats on making it to 100! I hope there are hundreds more to follow.

    Pablo makes a very handsome spider. Good choice.

  2. Drax


  3. Joan

    Congratulations. I’m glad to hear Pablo’s feeling better and that his costume seems to fit.

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