Friends Come in All Shapes, Sizes, and Species

Anyone who has more than one pet knows the ins and outs of animal relationships. Some get along quite well, others tolerate each other, and some form true bonds. My cat Moonlight (now deceased) was a kitten when we got him. He immediately set out to dominate our 12-year-old cat Jeremy. Moonlight clearly felt he was top cat and the two eventually settled into an uneasy truce. Then Jeremy died and OC came to live with us. OC took to Moonlight at once and to our amazement Moonlight reciprocated. The two cuddled together, licked and groomed each other, and were rarely apart. In Moonlight’s final days, OC never left his buddy’s side, for which I’m most grateful. Today, we have Rita. The two cats get along well enough and even play together occasionally,but they’re not best buds like OC and Moonlight.

If you’re in doubt that animals can have close friendships, click on the video below to see two BFFs in action. Suriya is an orangutan and Roscoe is a hound dog. They met at a preserve for endangered animals in South Carolina and have been together ever since.


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  1. Joan

    Loved the video. Orangutans are my favorite apes. They remind me of five-year-old boys.

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