Our Adventures, Part 2

Back on the road after our stay at the Wayside Inn, we headed for West Virginia. Kermit waved to all those we passed.

Crosses like the ones below are very big in the South. Not something we see much of up North.

We arrived at our destination–Berkeley Springs in the town of Bath, West Virginia. The springs have a long history. They were long known to native tribes who introduced them to the first settlers who bathed in the warm waters and swore to their restorative powers.

Here is the Roman bath house where you can soak in mineral baths. Sadly, we didn’t have time to do take part. Maybe next time.

George Washington bathed here. Really!

This planter bursting with flowers stands in one of the springs.

A small stream led up to the inn where we stayed.

The Country Inn was a much larger inn than the Wayside. It has 70 rooms and its own spa.

This shady garden to one side of the inn was where I escaped to read.

Here’s our room at the inn.

Scenic views abounded. This is the last shot I took before we left for home. But, wait…

Did you think I could go all this time without mention of a pug? I spotted this friendly beauty on the streets of Bath.



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4 responses to “Our Adventures, Part 2

  1. Drax

    Beeeeee-youtiful pictures. Looks like a very nice time.

  2. West Virginia!? What happened to North Carolina and the Blue Ridge?

  3. Oops! Seems I was a little off there. We started out on the Blue ridge, then diverged. Next time I promise to listen when K talks about our trips.

  4. Drax

    That’s what happens when you let Pablo navigate.

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