Miss Rita’s Love Interest

We’re back from our motorcycle trip and had a great, great time. More about that later. For now I want to share what’s new on the homefront. While we were away Rita landed herself an admirer. And, fittingly for this time of year, he’s a black cat. (I’m assuming he’s male because of the blue collar he sports.) Like Romeo with his Juliet, Mr. Blue Collar courts Rita below our deck (balcony).

He stayed there all morning, gazing up at his beloved. His devotion was heartwarming…

Except to Rita. She wasn’t flattered by Mr. Blue Collar’s attentions and lost no time jumping onto the railing to express her disapproval. The dejected suitor eventually wandered off. I wonder if he’ll return tomorrow.



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2 responses to “Miss Rita’s Love Interest

  1. Kristi

    OMG that’s my cat, Beatle. Looks exactly like him. I wondered what he does during the day.

  2. Drax

    OMG that’s my cat FLOOD. That little bastard!

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