OC’s Big Adventure

OC stands for Other Cat and that name suits him to a tee. Unlike Miss Rita, OC is a bit dull. He eats, sleeps, and generally stays out of our way. He’s a sweet cat, and always purrs when you pet him, but he’s a bit lacking in the personality department. So we tend to forget about him.

Last night I noticed before going to bed that he was hanging out with Rita on our deck. It was a nice night and they had been cooped up inside for a few days because of rain so I left them there. When K went to bed an hour or so later, he chased in Rita but didn’t see OC. So he locked up and came upstairs. Sometime in the morning, while it was still dark, I heard a cat meowing outside. In my hazy state I remember thinking how unusual that was. Then I dropped back into dreamland.

This morning when K went downstairs to feed the beasts OC wasn’t there. Now this is very unusual, almost unheard of. OC rates food as his number one priority. K went looking for him but he was nowhere to be found. He checked the deck naturally. No cat. When he opened the front door there was OC, hiding in the bushes. He rushed inside and gobbled up breakfast, apparently none the worse for wear.

What happened we still don’t know. He must have been locked out on the deck all night and at some point decided to jump down. But that would have been quite a leap since our deck is on the second floor over the garage. Neither cat has ever attempted this. But there’s no other explanation. The really strange thing is that since OC’s return Rita has been acting very peculiar. Any time OC comes near her she hisses. She sniffs every place he’s been and in general acts as if she never saw him before.

K surmises that Rita has a guilty conscience. Perhaps OC didn’t jump off the deck of his own accord but was pushed off?  If this is true (and remember Rita is a convicted felon), I don’t think she feels the least bit guilty. I say she’s pissed her plan to be sole cat didn’t succeed.

Rita practicing her pushing?


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