Hug A Pug Day!

September 29th is Hug A Pug Day. If you don’t have a pug at hand, Pablo is accepting any and all virtual hugs.



Filed under Happy holidays, pugs

6 responses to “Hug A Pug Day!

  1. Drax

    Dirty pool! Adorable picture! You fiend, you monster!

  2. What a lovely shot of the siblings.

    Give Pablo a virtual auntie squeeze for me.

  3. Joan

    Two beauties. I won’t say which I think is more beautiful to avoid hurt feelings. Give them both a hug!

  4. pablo's sis

    I think this was all a ploy to see if I read your blog.

  5. You know it! And I keep checking your blog in the hope that I’ll see a new post.

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