It’s a Pug’s Life—and Dogumentary

After talking about My Dog Tulip and the animated film that was recently just released and is based on J.R. Ackerley’s book by the same title, I thought it only fair, this being a blog primarily about pugs, to post about movies that feature our wrinkly-faced friends. The first one up is A Pug’s Life: The Dogumentary (2006). It was originally aired on PBS stations and that’s where I first saw it. Now it’s available on dvd, and, of course, on Netflix. Save yourself the money, though, and watch it for free here. The whole film lasts about 45 minutes (including a few short commercials). more free documentaries

Even an avid pug-lover as myself could not give this documentary a paws up. Pugs there are, yes, and they are as adorable and varied as the breed itself, so watch it for them and them alone. As for the rest, well, where do I start? I echo the criticisms found on Netflix. The movie jumps around and touches on so many topics—show dogs, pug rescue, therapy dogs, senior pugs—yet never explores any properly or in depth. The people interviewed rarely have meaningful things to say about their pets and usually just coo about how wonderful pugs are. Yeah, we know that, tell us something we don’t. And there are long sections where pugs are barely shown at all, such as when the owner of a dog salon takes us on a tour and shows the camera a basset hound being groomed and every breed of dog being ¬†pampered—except a pug. All in all, the film is a disappointment, especially considering the rich subject material. Michael Moore where are you when we need you?

I give this movie: 2 paws (and only because of the pugs)


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