The Power of Poop

Leave it to an artist to come up with a creative solution to dog waste. Matthew Mazzotta harnesses the potential energy in dog poop and uses it to power a lamp in a Cambridge, Massachusetts park. Called Project Park Spark, here’s how it works.

Participants in the program collect their dogs’ output in biodegradable bags and toss them into a vacuum-like container. Bacteria break down the poop into various byproducts, the most important of which is methane. The methane is then used as an energy source to power a gas lamppost in the park.

And now, if you excuse me, I have to go walk Pablo. No shit!



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5 responses to “The Power of Poop

  1. Drax

    I won’t be the only puppy to bark this but THAT’S NOT CAMBRIDGE.

  2. Maybe not, but that’s the image on the project’s website. Their idea is to expand to other parks.

  3. Drax

    I know. I scoped, I saw! But though I wanted to scoop (heh) everybody with a scatological comment none were forthcoming so it was “BEAT UP THE IMAGE!”

  4. Joan

    That is Cambridge, with Boston’s skyline showing across the Charles.

  5. Drax

    Are you GONE, Joan?! Look again.

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