Meet Lily, My Grandkitty

Lily (named after Lily Munster) is my daughter E’s cat, and hence my grandkitty. E has always been a fan of fat cats, the bigger the better, but even she wasn’t prepared for Lily. After graduating college and situated in her first apartment, E went about looking for a cat, and like many young people, she turned to Craigslist. A couple living in Manhattan had their three-year-old cat up for adoption. When E went to their apartment, she was greeted with the sight of a enormous creature.

Lily soon after E brought her home. Wowza!

The couple explained that they traveled constantly and ever since she was a kitten, Lily had been left alone, with dry cat food as her only friend. Consequently, she ate herself into a mountain. E took pity on the abused cat, hoisted her into her carrier, and hauled her home.

Even by E’s standards, Lily was too big. The poor thing couldn’t even reach to clean her more private areas, so E had to do it for her. E put Lily on a strict diet and slowly she lost some of her girth. Lily will never be a skinny minnie, but that’s okay with E. She likes her cats on the plump side.

Lily today



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4 responses to “Meet Lily, My Grandkitty

  1. Joan

    Cleaned her more private areas, did she? Reminds me of an old joke, not suitable for such a respectable blog.

  2. Aunt Laura

    Are those before or after pictures?

  3. The first two are before, taken when E was in her first apartment. The last one is more recent.

  4. Pablo's sis

    She’s a plus size beauty!!

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