One Surfin’ Pug

No, the pug in question is not Pablo. It’s Bugsy, a surfing dude from Hawaii. (Don’t you just love the Hawaiian shirt?) Bugsy was one of six pets featured recently in Reader’s Digest. A friend mentioned the article to me the other night (she subscribes to RD and I don’t). As soon as I got off the phone, I made a bee-line to the computer to see if it was on-line. It was, and it got me thinking. Since it turns out Pablo is a few marbles short of being a pug Einstein, maybe sports is his metier. I doubt he’ll end up a surfer, though. For one thing we’re miles from ocean waves. Perhaps sumo wrestling would be a good match. He’d have to put on some weight, of course, but I doubt he’d mind having to increase calories.



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6 responses to “One Surfin’ Pug

  1. Drax

    Or he could be a spectacular snack in the new PIRANHA 3D movie. Mmmmm.

  2. Joan

    How about football? Pablo the Tight End.

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  5. Dawn Anderson

    I just love this photo…do you know who took this shot of Bugsy?? Love Pablo too!!!

  6. The Reader’s Digest article is no longer online so I can’t know for sure, but De McGuire, a pet photographer in Hawaii, has photos of Bugsy wearing the same shirt on her blog: Hope this helps!

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