What It All Means

Now that Pablo’s IQ test is finished, what are the results? Let’s add up his test scores:

Test #1   5 points

Test #2   5 points

Test #3   4 points

Test #4   4 points

Test #5   5 points

Test #6   1 point

Total:    24 points


More than 25 points     Your dog is a genius

15-15 points    Your dog is smart, but won’t go to Harvard

5 to 15 points     Your dog isn’t too bright, but most likely very cute

Below 5 points   No comment, but check for pulse

Pablo missed being a genius by 1 point!

In conclusion, I have severe misgivings about this test. As others have commented, a lot depends on how motivated a dog is. If  a dog isn’t a fiend for treats the way Pablo is, he/she might not score as high on some tests. Does that mean the dog isn’t intelligent? Not necessarily. Also, Pablo did very well freeing himself from the towel (test #2). But ever since he was a puppy, after a bath we’ve played a game where I chase him and throw a towel over him as he wriggles away. Did this game give him an unfair advantage?

Now that you know your dog’s IQ, do you wonder about your own? After spending a week  testing Pablo’s, I know I question my own intelligence (and sanity). Here’s a quiz from Mensa. While not a valid IQ test, you will still find out how you measure up in the brain department. So go on, what are you afraid of?



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2 responses to “What It All Means

  1. Joan

    In other words, playing that towel game with Pablo is equivalent to getting tutoring so your kids will do well on their SATs. Do those parents have qualms? I think not.

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