IQ Test #5

This one was a hard test—for me! The challenge was finding the right table. You need one that is low enough so that your dog’s head won’t fit through yet high enough so that his/her paw can get under. You can make such a table using books and a board, but in the end I settled for a coffee table with a lower ledge just a few inches off the ground. You’ll also need a dog biscuit and a stopwatch.

Pablo ready for Test #5

Once you have the table, show your dog the biscuit. Make sure your pooch is watching as you place it under the table, far enough away so that your dog must use its paws to get it. Click on the stopwatch and start timing.


If your dog uses its paws to get treat in under 60 seconds     5 points

If your dog uses its paws and gets treat in 1 to 3 minutes     4 points

If your dog uses its muzzle and doesn’t get treat or if it uses its paws but fails to get treat after 3 minutes     3 points

If your dog doesn’t use its paws and just gives one or two half-hearted tries     2 points

If your dog makes no attempt whatsoever after 3 minutes     Check its pulse. Kidding!   1 point

Pablo must have been secretly training for this test. He got the treat using his paws in just under 5 seconds! What a dog!

Going for the gold

Almost there




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3 responses to “IQ Test #5

  1. Mom

    We can all learn a lesson from Pablo–Focus!

  2. K

    As long as there’s food involved he’s a genius!!

  3. I love the idea of pug IQ tests! I’m not sure how well my pug would do, although he can fish his toys out pretty well using his paws from under the coffee table. Thanks for the good ideas!

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