IQ Test #4

A more challenging problem-solving test for your dog. You’ll need a tea towel, a dog biscuit, and a stopwatch.

Have your dog sit or have someone hold him. Show your dog the biscuit and let him or her sniff it. (Once again, Pablo jumped the gun and tried to gobble the treat.)

With your dog watching you, place the treat on the ground about six feet away and cover it with the towel. Release the hound and start timing how long it takes him/her to get the treat.

Full disclosure: We had to repeat this test (which is allowable) because we didn’t think Pablo saw me hiding the treat under the towel the first time.


Gets treat in 15 seconds or less     5 points

In 15 to 30 seconds     4 points

In 30 to 60 seconds     3 points

Tries to get treat, but gives up     2 points

Doesn’t even try to get treat within two minutes     1 point

Pablo ran into a bit of trouble with this test. After placing the biscuit under the towel for the second time, he clearly knew it was there.

However, he was stumped for a bit. It took him close to 30 seconds to retrieve the tidbit.

Success! He scored 4 points.


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One response to “IQ Test #4

  1. Mom

    What a dog. And hey–15 seconds, 30 seconds, who cares? As we old dogs know, sometimes it’s more fun to take a bit more time working out a puzzle.

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