IQ Test #3

Today’s IQ test measures your dog’s social intelligence. All you need is your dog and working facial muscles.

You can’t really set up this test. Wait for a time when your dog is sitting about six feet away from you—without having been told to do so. Then stare into your pooch’s face until he or she looks at you. Count silently to three and smile as if you just won the lottery.


If your dog comes to you with tail wagging     5 points

If your dog comes slowly or only part of the way with no tail wagging     4 points

If your dog stands or rises to a sitting position, but that’s all     3 points

If your dog moves away from you     2 points

If your dog pays absolutely no attention     1 point

When I did this test with Pablo this morning, he ambled over to me with a quizzical look on his face as if he were thinking, “Why is this fool grinning at me? Does she have food? Maybe I better check.” His tail was not wagging.

Pablo's bemused look

I’m not sure how to score this one as there isn’t a category for: Comes over with no tail wagging. However, since Pablo didn’t fully meet the scoring requirements for a 5, I’m giving him a 4.

I would like to point out that pugs with their corkscrew tails might be at a slight disadvantage in the tail-wagging department.



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4 responses to “IQ Test #3

  1. Drax

    Dakota says, “I’m smart!”

  2. Aunt Laura

    This did not work on Jack at all! Of course I shouldn’t have tried it while he was eating.

  3. When Molly was here she mentioned that whenever she asked her parents if the family could get a dog they replied, “We don’t need a dog. We have Jack.” Now I see how true that is.

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